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I love me my Aunt Jessica.

My Aunt Jessica came for a visit about a month ago (you can see here and here) but I am growing, learning, and changing so much that Mama is afraid that I won’t remember her by the time she comes … Continue reading

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Busy, busy, busy!

We have been so busy this weekend that Mama asked me to sit down and write today.  She said to promise that she will be back writing soon!  Mama and Daddy drove all the way to Milwaukee to pick up … Continue reading

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Showing daddy how it’s done.

Even before I was a week old, we went to visit daddy at work because he went back to work 3 days after I was born, even though we really missed him. I have heard daddy talking about work almost … Continue reading

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They stoleded all my hair.

Mama FINALLY got her way.  She wanted my hair to be cut right after I was born.  She says it’s so much work to give me a bath, dry my hair, comb it, and then make sure it dries that … Continue reading

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Does anyone have the right answer, is there even a right answer?

Mama brought me along as we met up with her very good friend ,who is also a teacher.  They went through GIP (Graduate Induction Program, a one year program where you teach for a reduced salary and then earn your … Continue reading

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