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Do you feel old?

No? Let me help you with that. 34 things that will make you feel old I will be 31 in a little over a month, my son will be 5 in 11 days, and 5 years ago today I created … Continue reading

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Bad blogger.

I am feeling oh so guilty for neglecting my blog and more importantly my best bloggy friends.  I am SO interested in what is going on in your lives, but mine has been so busy, I haven’t had time to … Continue reading

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Happy 4 year blogoversary to me!

1,120 posts. 3,750 comments. 4 years…1,460 days…countless hours. Even thought I haven’t been posting as consistently as I would maybe like (read why here and here and here), I do have to pat myself on the back for keeping this going (crawling … Continue reading

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May already?

I would say that I’ve been busy…but then I talk to people who have actual lives and realize I’m just lazy in comparison. This spring has brought great things for me in the job front and the light at the … Continue reading

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Dipping my toe back in.

Didja miss me? Didja? Didja? So I miss you.  A lot. I decided to dip my big toe back in and see how the blogging is.  I’m just planning on posting every now and then…I wouldn’t want you to go … Continue reading

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