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Police who are obviously unaware of the right to peaceful assembly and protest granted to all Americans by the Constitution.

My very best friend in the entire world for 15 years attends Berkeley.  The unprovoked brutal attack on students who were protesting a tuition increase of 81% would have been crazy, but to think that someone I love could have … Continue reading

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They ALL look the same to me.

I love Josh, I really do.  But he’s just a man.  Even when he tries, he’s still just a man. He puts diapers into the wash and swears if something has been washed once he can wash it with hot … Continue reading

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The day that couldn’t get any worse.

I woke up Thursday. The weather was beautiful. I was going to pick up my bestest friend in the wholest widest worldest. Megan’s one of those super smart, important, amazing peoples who is only happy if she lives in big … Continue reading

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Wiener’s Wieners.

OKAY.FINE.  I didn’t want to write about it.  I am more annoyed than anything about the whole situation.  I was over it elebenty years ago. I think now that Wiener has resigned from Congress (good riddance), he can start up … Continue reading

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The day my heart didn’t stop.

Background My family has a long history of heart issues.  Since I was about 20 years old I have had about 10 “episodes” of tachycardia and each “episode” would last for 5-10 minutes.  I always knew what it was, just … Continue reading

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