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Better late than never? Our little monster…er dinosaur. The triceratops, T-Rex, and stegosaurus…imagined by Finn, created by Josh.

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20 toofers, no cavities.

Our little trooper went to his first dentist appointment and he did really well, besides him not opening his mouth very wide and trying to push the tools out of his mouth with his tongue. We had talked about it … Continue reading

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Dear Finn-4 Years & 1-2 Months

I’m falling behind in writing to you each month.  No surprise there.  Mainly I feel like I set high expectations and then spend the rest of my time failing.  So as I get around to writing you monthly letters, my … Continue reading

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Finn’s life in pictures, month 36-48.

Since I have been woefully absent (do you miss me, because I miss you!?) I have put together a quick video of pictures from Finn’s 3rd to his 4th.  Someday he will probably ask me why I stopped recording my … Continue reading

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Dear Finn-4 Years

This past Thursday you turned 4 years old.  4 YEARS OLD.  When did that happen?  I swear, just yesterday, you were a baby. As more time has passed I have learned more about being a mom.  Mostly I learn that … Continue reading

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