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Finn’s first day of Kindergarten.

We arrived early to school early.  After a photo and video shoot, we went to wait in the office.  He made 2 friends before school officially started.  He’s not great with names, so they were from then on referred to … Continue reading

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Meet the Teacher/Kindergarten Orientation

We went and met Finn’s teacher.  She seemed nice enough.  All of his things were labeled with Finnian instead of Finn.  He can write and recognize his full name, but it doesn’t have the immediate recognition he has for Finn.  … Continue reading

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Still alive…

Yep, I’m still alive.  We are busy, work is crazy, and our focus is getting Finn ready for Kindergarten in less than 2 weeks.  Please excuse me while I go cry…   Share this post!

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Trying to explain the concept of time to Finn…in his world, it’s either NOW or NEVER.

Finn brought home a plant from daycare.  We set up a place for him to put it by the window for sunlight. Josh: Is it a flower? Finn: No. Me: Well, what is it? Finn: It’s some type of food. … Continue reading

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par-ent-ing. n. Wherein your child surpasses your intelligence at a horrifyingly young age.

I knew there would come a day when Finn would surpass my intelligence.  I didn’t think it would happen before his 5th birthday. He used a word the other day I didn’t know the definition of it.  I asked him … Continue reading

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