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The things I can’t write about.

There are so many things I want to tell you about. But I can’t. For many reasons, but mostly because there are too many words I can’t find the right words it’s not mine to share do you read all … Continue reading

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Life, such as it is.

My life continues to run me around in circles, but fear not because this makes me laugh, even when I just think about it I wish I could read it again because I swear it gets funnier!!  Maybe someday in … Continue reading

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Too school for cool.

I went to visit my sister last weekend.  More on this later.  We have been best friends since forever…minus the times we were trying to kill each other I was trying to kill her.  Which was our child hood.  So … Continue reading

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That is all. Share this post!

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Safety first while texting and driving.

Just kidding, I don’t text when I drive. I just watch movies, read books, and clip my toenails. OK, so sometimes I text while I drive.  But it’s totally safe.  Really, I promise it’s SAFE (because I use a magic … Continue reading

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