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Dear Finn-Week 1

Note from Kate: If you want to start reading this and want to finish it in one sitting, beware it will take you a long time, it took me 7 hours to write. Just a warning! You are officially one … Continue reading

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Finn’s Fun and Games

Finn has a new game. He sleeps for 1 hour, wakes up to a feeding a changing and then begins to scream for no apparent reason. At this time, I place him in his swing and let him develop his … Continue reading

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Who’s the Hottie Teller?

Today we went to visit daddy at his brand new job (yea for promotions!) at his brand new branch (very fancy, if your around Shoppes on Maine, stop in and see him, you may have to wait for awhile to … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as being too happy!

Well folks, it’s been a crazy day so this is going to be short, but I will add some really cute pictures at the end! I was telling Josh some ideas that I wanted to post here the other day … Continue reading

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Do you love Finn?

I was looking through some of the options for our website and saw that there is an option of receiving money for putting ads on our site. I was all like, I like money and Great Uncle Lyle said that … Continue reading

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