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Dear Finn-Month 2

“All in the name of having a baby,” the nurse turns around and says to me yesterday. She was instrumental in making sure that I got my feeding tube placed (so now what we are eating looks quite similar). It … Continue reading

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I am not dead yet.

Well for those of you who don’t know I came back to the ER with intense abdominal pain again last Thursday night and was admitted and have been in the hospital since then…again. I have been in a lot of … Continue reading

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The hardest job on the planet.

I am lucky enough to celebrate 3 wonderful years of marriage with the most wonderful man on the planet. Why did I choose to get married (besides to snag the best one before someone else did?) They say that marriage … Continue reading

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Good news is walking down the street with bad news, and they are holding hands.

I want to kiss the good news and kick the bad news in the balls. I found out that I can use my hospital days, (20) as many as I want to at the beginning of the school year, which … Continue reading

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The sweetest smile.

My son smiled AT ME today for the very first time! He was looking right at me and smiled, it made my whole day. It was so wonderful. I couldn’t make him do it again, but I figure it’s just … Continue reading

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