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Just call him Nurse Josh.

Well, after what seems like forever, I am finally home and so happy to be! The doctors came around on their rounds and talked to me about all of my discharge stuff, they were out of there by 9. I … Continue reading

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There is such a thing as a crazy nurse.

Here’s my medical update first. I had my CT scan yesterday afternoon and my doctors showed me the results during rounds today. All the news was good. The dead part of my pancreas has not gotten bigger and mom thinks … Continue reading

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What they do to see me smile.

Here is the best video EVER, in my opinion. We were waiting around for them to come and get me for the CT scan today. They were running late, as usual and we were talking, I was in some pain … Continue reading

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I’m Free!

The happiest news of my life (or of the day)…I have been disconnected from my IV pole except to receive my antibiotics. This also means that I am no longer getting fluids pumped into me around the clock, which means … Continue reading

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And now I may never leave.

Yesterday the doctor’s added another hoop that I must jump through before I leave the hospital…I have to have a temperature continuously below 101.3 for 24 hours prior to leaving. Well they might as well ask me to fly, seriously, … Continue reading

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