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The stinkiest butt around.

Tanner has the stinkiest butt around.  Maybe it’s due to the change in his diet.  Tanner has decided (by himself) to add books to his diet.  He really devours them.  When Finn is in school, he can really use the … Continue reading

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Check on me in 3 days to make sure I’m still alive.

Today is THE OFFICIAL day.  The day where I am taking my last oxy.  After tonight I will be officially off narcotics for good.  6 months and 1 day after I had pancreatitis I am taking my last oxy.  I … Continue reading

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Please excuse our mess as we create a better site to serve you better!

*Edit* I am going to have this as my first post until the website is up to our standards, but I want you to know that I will be posting every day, just look below this post or to the … Continue reading

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I have a favor to ask.

I am trying to get word out about my website to increase readership.  I have been doing this some but still am researching other ways.  From the readers that I’ve had, from publicity I have put out there, I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jen!

I am lucky to say happy birthday to my mostest favoritest sister-in-law!!  We are so lucky to live in the same town with Jen and her family.  It is truly a blessing to watch what a great mom she is.  … Continue reading

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