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Newest member of our family.

One of these baby girls will become the newest baby in our family.  Yes, I know, I need another baby to take care of like I need a hole in my head.  I have Bella (my camera), Tanner (the biggest … Continue reading

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I am doing report cards, so I am leaving these cats to entertain you today.

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New stats.

Finn had a doctor appointment on Monday and we found out that he is still alive (thank goodness, we were so worried). Here is his new stats: 28 inches in length, 40th percentile 23.6 pounds, 89th percentile 18.7 inches in … Continue reading

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We are adding a new addition to our family.

Yes, internet it is true.  Our family is expecting a new member, and we are thrilled.  I could no longer keep the secret from you.  We are getting a schnoodle which is a cross between a schnauzer and a mini … Continue reading

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Dear Finn-Month 9

You have come to that time and place where you are actually eating like the rest of the human race instead of sucking everything through a bottle. You are doing so well with it, and enjoying it, you almost seem … Continue reading

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