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My Ngor received In School Suspension twice right before the end of the year.  The reason for both the suspensions were very worrisome to me.  I felt that they were mean-hearted acts and he and I have talked at length … Continue reading

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My newest favorite thing.

Josh bought me The Sims 3 and it is my newest favorite thing.  Let me tell you, so much better than the first 2 versions AND it is so much easier to raise kids (not to mention faster) in Simland.  … Continue reading

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Waking Finn up.

I have learned in the past year that Finn takes after me in the fact that he is not a morning person in any way shape or form and needs some caffeine, a shower, and his teeth brushed before he … Continue reading

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Dear Finn-1 Year

Happy birthday my Finnamon!  I was thinking what I would like to say to you on this momentous occasion and I realized that there is not enough time (and I don’t have a good enough memory) to say all the … Continue reading

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This is why I married Josh.

Josh and I met when I returned to Rochester after transferring from a prestigious college in Wisconsin to the very un-prestigious community college of Rochester.  We met in photography class where I found out that he was very artistic and … Continue reading

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