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The 2 seasons of Minnesota.

A wise person once said: There are two seasons in Minnesota.  Winter and construction. We are definitely in the season of construction.  Thanks a lot Obama.  It is like a puzzle to get around the construction in Rochester and don’t … Continue reading

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Buried treasure.

On another site I found this great idea.  To return to the past and uncover a buried treasure in the form of one of their favorite posts.  Considering that my site is just a baby (about a year and 2 … Continue reading

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The day I almost died.

One year ago today was the day I almost died.  I decided that I would rather celebrate this than my birthday.  When I was pregnant I had severe pain that would last for 30-60 minutes in a band right below … Continue reading

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Driving while black.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Harvard Professor that was arrested for breaking and entering because he had to force his way through his own front door.  A neighbor had called the police, thinking someone was trying to break into … Continue reading

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Our little garden.

Let me start by saying I have a black thumb.  That is anything I try to “grow” dies.  So these few plants in front of our house happened all by themselves, with no “help” from me.  I thought they were … Continue reading

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