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Change happens…growth is optional.

This summer when my sister was home The Masque Youth Theatre (which was like a second home to her when she was growing up) closed it’s doors for good.  This summer, she spent many hours helping them get ready for … Continue reading

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Dear Finn-1 Year & 3 Months

This month has passed so quickly.  I feel that I blinked and it was whisked away.  I have to start by saying on your 1 year and 3 month birthday you are so lucky to share it with one of … Continue reading

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I win the award.

I win the award for the worst Aunt ever.  I have the four greatest nieces and nephews on the planet earth (Anna, James, Isaac, and Carrie).  If you are a regular reader, you will see my great times with them … Continue reading

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TV is going down the toilet.

Finn thought it would be a great idea to put the remote control in the toilet.  I wonder what other things he will put in the toilet in the next year? Josh put it in rice to dry it out…it … Continue reading

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There’s no privacy anymore!

As I was in the bathroom and Finn opened the door and invited himself in, I realized I no longer have any privacy.  It was a startling contrast to when he was a newborn and I wouldn’t leave the room … Continue reading

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