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Dear Finn-1 Year & 5 Months

You have grown and learned so much this month, you amaze me each day.  Along with the words that I cataloged before you have added hi, hello, bye, down, more, up, and help.  I can give you to do multi-step … Continue reading

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The piggy flu…it’s no joke.

Yes, I am still here feeling miserable…although today is the first day that I can say I feel a little better.  H1N1 makes everything hurt.  It feels like my throat is made up of razor blades so it hurts to … Continue reading

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A genius in training.

I attempted to capture Finn’s blossoming speaking skills and his sign language skills.  Awhile ago I wrote about how I thought baby sign language was a bunch of bunk.  I realized the problem (with Finn at least) was not with … Continue reading

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Can you spell duh?

I realized something the other day…and this may seem like the most obvious thing in the entire world to you…but it was a revelation to me.  As a mom I was trying to find the magic road that would make … Continue reading

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An ode to my mother.

In all honesty this is not a true ode, but I wanted to write a congratulations to my mother.  On Friday she opened her newest location of her business that she began when we moved to Rochester when I was … Continue reading

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