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To the mom that built me.

To the strongest and softest person I know.  To the bedtime story-teller, laundry do-er, mitten maker.  To the person who was strong enough to ask for help.  Even if that meant the stigma of people knowing we were poor.  To … Continue reading

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Addicted to TV.

Hi, my name is Kate and I am a TVaholic.  When I was growing up we had a TV but nothing came in.  We could watch movies.  If I adjusted the antenna and squinted just right I could watch Mass.  … Continue reading

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Everything worth knowing leaves bruises.

True?  False?  What do you think.  Depressing to think about learning more but makes all the bruises from the past worth more…and maybe make sense.  I loved these secrets from PostSecret so much I had to share them.  If you … Continue reading

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The worst business ever.

Recently I wrote about my pet peeve here which is people who are incompetent at their jobs.  Most people are very good at their jobs and even though they don’t get paid extra, usually they throw is some kindness and … Continue reading

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Watch out Oscars…

Josh may be coming to town.  I hope you have enjoyed the week of videos.  This is what happens when your husband takes videos all the time and you don’t take the time to transfer them onto your computer and … Continue reading

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