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No idea why I’m laughing.

As a I grew up I had some sayings that I misunderstood as others do. I was watching TV this morning and there was a joke about Uranus.  I was embarrassingly old before I realized why that was funny.  Before … Continue reading

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Armed and dangerous.

Yes, Josh (and so I suppose myself in association) are now on the most wanted list of Olmsted Country.  We are on the run from the law.  Well not exactly, but we do have to go and explain that mainly … Continue reading

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Just another storm…

We have had a run of really bad weather.  My mother (I say this with love) calls me whenever the winds blow over 5 MPH and then calls me every 3.4 minutes to make sure that we have woken Finn … Continue reading

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Guaranteed to blow your mind.

If you’re not watching So You Think You Can Dance, this is what you’re missing.  He just performed with his crew on the show (AMAZING).  It will probably be removed quickly, so watch it while you have the chance.  I … Continue reading

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There is nothing better than that time of the month.

Honestly, to be “friend free” for 10  months was the best thing about being pregnant. Share this post!

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