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Facing a fear.

Ngor’s family was staying with us because their apartment got flooded from a sprinkler.  They are from Sudan and one of the best parts of having them for guests for awhile was hearing their stories of immigration.  A friend of … Continue reading

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Can’t we all just hug it out and sing kumbayah?

I’ve been meaning to write about working moms vs. stay at home moms for almost a year now.  I watched a show where a stay-at-home mom had the audacity to say “if you don’t have time to raise your children … Continue reading

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Why I can’t sleep at night.

I was laying in bed the other night wishing I started this website a long time ago because I try to remember things about my life (and the amazing one I lived prior to having Finn…now it’s amazing…but in a … Continue reading

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Hot pocket.

Josh and I are big fan’s of comedian Jim Gaffigan.  He has a bit about Hot Pocket that’s so funny.  I bought Josh tickets to his show a couple years ago for his birthday.  We had a great time. Tonight … Continue reading

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Dear Finn-2 Years & 2 Months

As I am sitting here on a Friday night writing this you are running around yelling “red light, green light.”  Since you have been home for the past 90 minutes here is an example of a night for you. You … Continue reading

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