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Dear Finn-2 Years & 4 Months

I feel like I don’t have any right to be writing you a letter this month.  I feel like I’ve been a huge fraud and I really don’t know very much about being successful in life.  If I’m not teaching, … Continue reading

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The mission of Josh.

My mission is to get a job. The mission of Josh is for me to fold his underwear. Everyone should be very worried if I fold underwear.  It means I have lost my ever-loving mind.  There are almost no better … Continue reading

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Karma is a bitch.

When I was young I used to get A LOT of amusement locking my sister and baby sitter’s out of the house. Last week Finn locked me out of the house.  He didn’t do it understanding the full consequences of … Continue reading

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My favorite color today is purple.

I wrote about a project that I thought was amazing.  I have so many dear family and friends that are gay or lesbian and I taught a 2nd grader who was transgendered.  My hypothesis is that I turn people if … Continue reading

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The great part about being unemployed.

There are actually a lot of perks about not being employed.  Such as…not going to work, sleeping in, watching my toenails grow, watching paint dry and I’m ok with all of those GREAT things except I will NEVER fold Josh’s … Continue reading

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