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What I learned for sure in 2010.

I learned if I had the choices between having all my wishes come true and having my life, as it is now, with my boys, I would choose my boys everyday and twice on Sunday.  If I had a million … Continue reading

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2010 ~ A year in photos.

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The wrinkles that tell the story of our life.

I was taking my daily stroll through the beautiful blogosphere and found a grassy knoll under an oak tree’s shade that was perfect for sitting on a blanket as I read one of my favorite blogs.  Linda (the author) is … Continue reading

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Because I could win an Oscar for it.

Apparently the HOURS I put into creating wonderful, moving, and HI-LARIOUS Christmas videos was wasted because it was lost under the pictures.  This here, it’s one of those moving pictures, you have to press play.  AND apparently it didn’t get … Continue reading

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If you’re not watching, this is what you’re missing.

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