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Why chubby thighs make me happy.

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Dear Finn-2 Years & 9 Months

Okay, total mommy confession.  Forgive me my son, for it is late at night before I need to publish this.  Whatever is hiding in the corner of my mind will come out and I won’t be able to edit it … Continue reading

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Duck and cover.

I have kept one eye on the news of Japan…I find it really scary especially with the nuclear stuff.  I was reading one of my favorite sites (Mwa at Lost in Translation) and I thought she had a great perspective … Continue reading

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My favorite activity.

Sleep…what did you think it was going to be??? And now starting at the beginning, which is a very good place to start, but it will seem completely unrelated…just give me a minute and it will all come together…I promise! … Continue reading

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Quite possibly the BEST THING EVER and my new goal in life!

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