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I am pretty sure polygamy is what is missing from my life.

The only way my life could be any better (besides winning the lottery, of course) is if I could have a wife to cook, clean, and do laundry for me. My newest obsession is Big Love–have you seen this?  I … Continue reading

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It’s all in our perspective.

When I head that stores were selling (and therefore advertising) padded bikini tops to little girls starting when they’re SEVEN. YEARS. OLD.  I was outraged.  Although I did feel that Linda had a unique perspective on it. Mostly I thought … Continue reading

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Killing trees.

I have filled up an entire trash bag with junk mail companies keep sending me. In my estimation I am responsible for killing an average of a tree a week. I HATE mail–97.865% is only bills and junk. Just saying … Continue reading

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What you’re missing if you’re not friends with me on Facebook part tres.

You gotta love a church that celebrates Mardi Gras. ************************************************ Dress up day for me. Pretending to be a grown up AND a girl. Do you think I’ll fool anyone? ************************************************ Study says women are better at everything than men. … Continue reading

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This is the first generation of kids that are expected to have a shorter life span than their parents.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is back! I am a HUGE fan. You will be shocked. And then if you look at the calories and nutrients you would pick your jaw from the floor and set your alarm early to pack … Continue reading

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