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If I had three wishes, I would wish for more wishes.

Yes, I’m that person.  Please don’t hate me! Beyond wishing for more wishes, I am superstitious and believe if I voice my most deep dreams, I will be jinxed and they will never come to fruition. So I’m NOT going … Continue reading

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I realize this is about 2 years late…

I just heard about a news story that gave me a laugh (it’s about 2 years late, apologies) so I wanted to share it and hopefully you will have a chuckle from it too! Did you hear same sex marriage … Continue reading

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Too school for cool.

This was Finn’s third birthday celebration.  His grandparents allowed us to invade their house.  My favorite part was the cake that Josh and his mother made.  It was a pirate ship with Spiderman attacking it.  I am still waiting to … Continue reading

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My rules about sports Finn can play.

We were discussing what we were going to possibly get Finn for his birthday and I was asking if he would like some type of ball to play with outside like a basketball, soccer ball, baseball, or football. Josh-A football?  … Continue reading

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Wiener’s Wieners.

OKAY.FINE.  I didn’t want to write about it.  I am more annoyed than anything about the whole situation.  I was over it elebenty years ago. I think now that Wiener has resigned from Congress (good riddance), he can start up … Continue reading

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