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Happy 3 years of not dying (to me)!

In case you don’t know me at all, 3 years ago today I suffered from necratizing pancreatitis which is a really fancy way of saying that half of my pancreas was dying inside of me.  You want to know what … Continue reading

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Raising a child of grace.

Something I worry about too often is how to raise a child of grace.  How to raise a self-reliant child in a self-indulgent world. As you can see, Finn has no shortage of gifts at Christmas.  And this picture is … Continue reading

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Proof positive that I’m a hoarder.

During spring cleaning I came across pancreas enzymes that cost ONE.BILLION.DOLLARS –that was the actual price at the pharmacy-I have the receipt to prove it–from when I was sick. I only took about 5 because they were horse pills and … Continue reading

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Meme in me head…

I was so honored that Candice from Candice Does The World tagged me in a post.  She said it is a super popular meme and I haven’t seen it…so apparently I’m as much of a loser on the internet as … Continue reading

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Finn’s imaginary friends.

Finn has an amazing imagination.  It’s so much fun, but sometimes it crosses over to where he believes something is real and it isn’t…as he describes it as something he experienced! Finn- Does Tony have friends? Me-I don’t know Tony.  … Continue reading

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