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Grateful for giving thanks.

In every family there is a person who is like the sun.  The center, the light, and everyone orbits around them. Most often this position has crappy hours, horrendous pay, and is never glamorous.  What’s even worse is this person … Continue reading

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Safety first while texting and driving.

Just kidding, I don’t text when I drive. I just watch movies, read books, and clip my toenails. OK, so sometimes I text while I drive.  But it’s totally safe.  Really, I promise it’s SAFE (because I use a magic … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season…

Just when I thought there is no possible way I could love Finn or being a mom any more… Even though Christmas is over a month away, the cheer has started to build in my heart.  To explain traditions and … Continue reading

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Police who are obviously unaware of the right to peaceful assembly and protest granted to all Americans by the Constitution.

My very best friend in the entire world for 15 years attends Berkeley.  The unprovoked brutal attack on students who were protesting a tuition increase of 81% would have been crazy, but to think that someone I love could have … Continue reading

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A Tuesday at the loony bin…er…Hanke house.

I am offering you a one-time opportunity inside the house of madness. What?  You don’t want one? You say there are things that are best left unknown?  Oh, come on, it won’t be THAT bad!!  Promise. What?  I am NOT … Continue reading

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