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Looking for a place to hide.

I find this video freaking hilarious…but I have a very dark and sick sense of humor. Warning…if you’re offended by foul language you may want to not watch this…check back tomorrow for kittens and rainbows. Share this post!

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And I managed not to kill anyone.

Spoiler alert…sorry, but I had to start out with the fact that I didn’t kill anyone. I volunteered to do deserts for Thanksgiving. Yes, I’m aware it’s almost Christmas.  I’m behind, so what?!?!  I would have skipped this story all … Continue reading

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Dear Finn-3 Years & 6 Months

I have sat down to write you this letter exactly 43 times.  That sort of blows my mind.  I can’t believe in 18 short months we are going to be wishing you a good day as you begin your journey … Continue reading

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I love the gays!!! Do you?

I saw this via all the awesomeness I call Sprite’s Keeper and thought it had to be shared. From what I gathered, this company is equal opportunity distributors of preservatives and fatness, but when it comes to equal rights, not … Continue reading

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3-year-old logic.

Finn has reached the age where he is figuring out the why of the world.  It must have been the 14 million times he asked why so far in his life.  Problem is, most often his logic makes perfect sense … Continue reading

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