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Finn has become very interested in private parts and all that goes with that topic.  I am pretty sure I’m guaranteeing him decades of fun in therapy.  He is convinced that girls have penis’, no matter how much I tell him that … Continue reading

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Our adventures in the Black Hills.

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Vacationing at the Badlands…or rather the AwesomeLands as I like to call them.

The plan was to go with Josh’s parents, Josh’s sister and her 5 children (1 being her husband), Josh, Finn and I on a little vacation. Which was a GREAT plan as far as I was concerned, because those or … Continue reading

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The good, bad, and ugly of artificial intelligence.

With a new job, I treated myself to a new phone as it has been over 2 years and my old one was getting quite sad.  I was enjoying my new personal assistant, Siri (although I’m kind of disappointed with her limitations, … Continue reading

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Dear Finn-4 Years & 1-2 Months

I’m falling behind in writing to you each month.  No surprise there.  Mainly I feel like I set high expectations and then spend the rest of my time failing.  So as I get around to writing you monthly letters, my … Continue reading

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