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….continued…the best mama in the world.

Last year about this time (I had totally forgotten this, just stumbled across it) Finn picked who he thought was the best mama in the world. Spoiler alert: wasn’t me. I was putting Finn to bed the other night and I carried … Continue reading

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Finn’s perspective.

Conversation with Finn this morning after he had sneezed 739 times. Me: Bless you. Are you getting a cold? Finn: I think so…someone must have given it to me…I guess they didn’t need it anymore. Share this post!

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Duh, mama!

There are some older boys at Finn’s daycare and since he’s been old enough to notice, he gets upset because there are some times when they’re playing with things they don’t need a kid who is 3-4 years younger messing … Continue reading

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Excuse me while I go curl up in a ball and sob in the corner.

Finn is closing in on 5 YEARS OLD.  WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN???? This means that in 10 short months, I will have to come to terms with sending him off to school.  Scares me. First of all, he started going … Continue reading

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Parenting win.

I have taught my son to fast forward through commercials. I don’t know if I’m more proud of him or me. Share this post!

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