I miss Aunt Jessica

Well, Aunt Jessica has been gone for less than 24 hours, but I miss her already and can’t wait until she returns sometime in early August (she should tell mama when she’s coming back, because mama would want to put that in her calendar, if Aunt Jessica knows that is).

I was so lucky that on her short break before returning to teach summer school Aunt Jessica came out to meet me for the very first time. She shared all her favorite things with me (reading, sucking thumbs, and sleeping~she told me when I can eat solid food, she will share her love for that with me as well, she was going to try and sneak a quick suck of Nelson’s ice cream to me, but it didn’t happen). And I shared some of my favorite things in return (crying and pooping). I don’t think that she appreciated mine as much as I did hers, but I guess that’s ok, she can try again next time to be more appreciative, they really are great activities.

This is a video of me sucking my thumb for the very first time. Mama said it was fitting because Jessica sucked her thumb until she went to college (check it out when you see her next time, it’s deformed)! I had already found my hands to suck on before, but this was the very first time I sucked my thumb.

Here are some pictures of Aunt Jessica reading to me the books she bought for me. Mama was so happy because she thinks we only have one other board book and really wanted to build a collection for me, which is okay, I suppose, although I feel they’re a little below my reading level right now. This is the first time anyone read a story to me, and mama said it was fitting that it was Aunt Jessica because she loves reading so much and teaches literacy. This picture is supposed to be right side up, but I guess this site doesn’t like me either. Good thing it’s not mama writing because I think she might so frustrated she would be using unkind language toward this site. I will try it again tomorrow, maybe when its not so ornery.

Aunt Jessica was so nice to buy enough board books for me to start my own board book library AND she bought mama some parenting books that she really wanted. Mama thought this was one of the most thoughtful and great presents anyone has given her, and I agree. Thanks Aunt Jessica, we love them!

I was also lucky enough to sleep with Aunt Jessica a couple times, it was especially nice when I was crying (to help build up lung strength), and mama was getting stressed out, Aunt Jessica slept with me to give mama a break. I’m lucky to have such a great Aunt.

Although, when I first met her, she seemed a little wary of me, thinking I was fragile or something. By the time she left, she was throwing me in the air, I was flipping 3 times, she turned around and caught me about 90% of the time. I think she understood I was pretty resilient. She also understands how advanced I am for my age, when we were sleeping together, we were figuring out calculus problems together as well.

Here is a picture of the outfit I was dressed in today. Aunt Jessica wanted to dress me in it, but mama thought it was too big, but daddy put me in it today, and it fits. So I wanted Aunt Jessica to see how cute I was in it, because by the time she returns, I may be too big to fit in it!

Mama said this onesie is very special because it is the very first piece of clothing that they bought when they decided it was time to start trying and 3 months later I was the size of a nut in mama’s uterus.

Mama says I am very lucky to have such a great Aunt, and I have to agree. I miss her terribly and can’t wait to see her again in August. Mama says she promises to print out a bunch of cute pictures of me and send them to Aunt Jessica so that she can show them off to everyone in Newark and she won’t forget what I look like. Lucky she has such a handsome little nephew to show off and not an ugly one.

Mama says that one of the main reasons she started writing this was so that Aunt Jessica and other people who live far away but want to know what’s going on with our family can check it out. So I hope (along with mama) that Aunt Jessica really enjoys reading this and we will try to keep up with it so she can keep up with me, her favorite nephew (and I know I’m her only one, but I would be her favorite anyways, right Aunt Jessica?)

And I want to tell Aunt Jessica not to worry about me. Before she left, she told mama that she didn’t think I was getting fed even 10 times a day, so mama kept track yesterday for 24 hours and she fed me 12 times. Now, I don’t think it’s exactly the same number every day, because it’s more on my schedule, so it fluctuates depending on when I am hungry. Now, Aunt Jessica, mama and daddy aren’t experts at parenting or anything, but I don’t want you to worry because I will get the things I need, as they are working hard to learn how to be great parents. They may not have all the answers yet (I am thinking mama will at some point) but they sure aren’t afraid to ask the questions and listen to others that know a thing or two.

Last note for today: I get to meet Grandma and Grandpa for the very first time today!! I am very excited.

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