My better half.

Many kids with absent fathers get stuck repeating the cycle and choose a guy who leaves them to raise their child(ren) alone.  Statistics say this would be my fate.  Some family members were very concerned about me following in the pitfalls of my past.

When I met Josh and almost instantly found him intelligent, funny, compassionate, kind, wise, and most of all someone who brought out the very best in people around him.  I will never forget the first time I realized how great of a father he would be.  It was New Year’s Eve 2003 and his sister and brother-in-law were throwing a party he invited me to.  Jen (Josh’s sister) was pregnant with their third child.  It was obvious to me within seconds of seeing him interact with his niece and nephew (whom he lived with) I knew, without a doubt, what an amazing father he would be.

There are so many reasons I love Josh, but one of the things I appreciate the most about him is how he interacts with Finn.  He takes “hands on father” to another level.  Finn idolizes him and wants to be just like him.  I couldn’t imagine a better role model for my son.

I know no matter what happens to Josh and I in the future (although Josh is well aware the only way to get rid of me is in the ground) I know he will put forth every effort to be a great father and always put what is best for Finn front and center.

As for me, I consider myself a pretty lucky girl as I not only have the very best husband I could imagine but also am married to the most incredible father, who inspires me to strive to be a better mother on a daily basis.

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that not only is Josh nothing like my father, he is the most complete opposite in all the very best (and important) ways and Finn and I are the ones who reap all the benefits.

Honey, I loved you before Finn was born, but you became a fully realized person and our family complete only after you became a father.  There are not enough words of gratitude in the world for me to express my feelings of thanks for who you are and all you do.




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