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August 1, 2013

History made.

Unfortunately, the same day, Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket in Rochester and St. Paul in protest of equal rights for all.  The only thing I know for sure is they want attention and that’s why they spout pure hatred.

I will not link to their website nor their Facebook page in refusal to give them what they so apparently desire.

However, their hatred did not take one iota of joy from this historical day in our state.  Instead there was an outpouring of love and even tolerance of their intolerance.  There may always be a handful of people full of hate, but everyone elses brightness outshines anything and everything that is less than pure.  In some ways, we can only appreciate the good in contrast to the darkness.

Here’s a whole lot of beautiful, bright light.  It will be a great day when marriage is legal for all citizens in all 50 states, no matter their sexual orientation.  Until that day, I’m proud to be from Minnesota and we’re one state closer to that day.

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