Finn’s first day of Kindergarten.

We arrived early to school early.  After a photo and video shoot, we went to wait in the office.  He made 2 friends before school officially started.  He’s not great with names, so they were from then on referred to as his friend with the Thomas the Train backpack and his friend with the Batman backpack.

When the teachers came to get the walkers/dropped off kids, he didn’t see his teacher so he booked it back to me (she was getting the bussers).  I was so proud of him – he knew who to look for, who was in charge of him, he couldn’t see her and so he came back to ask.  I assured him that he should go with the other Kindergarten teacher and he would get to the right classroom.

After he walked out of my sight, it has to be one of the very hardest moments of my life to turn around and walk back to the van and drive away.  I felt like I was leaving without a limb.  I informed Josh we were going to be back by 3p (school’s out at 3:35) and he was giving me a hard time (just teasing) – so I did the mature thing: burst into tears.  I explained it was super important to me that as soon as he walked out that he could see us so he didn’t have to worry for even a minute where we were.

When the first day was done, he walked out like such a big kid in a single file line with his body not flailing around.  It was amazing.  He had a great day so it was everything I could have hoped for on his first day of school ever!

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