For my husband and all his teller peeps.

I am the luckiest girl in the world today because my prayers have been answered, once again, and I got a snow day today.  We have 5 days allocated to miss school each year for snow days.  If we miss more than 5 days, they have the nerve to add more days on at the end of the year.  Can you imagine?  But if we don’t get 5 days off, we actually work more days than we have to.  The nerve of them.  So the perfect number of snow days is in fact 5 days, not one less or one more.  This is our 4th snow day so far, so we are very close to the PERFECT number!!  This is almost unheard of.  Usually we get 2-3 days off each year.

I was shocked when I woke up and heard that we didn’t have school, so I called Josh right away to inform him that we didn’t have school (and mostly to say “you have to work and I don’t, na, na, na, na, na!!).  Jess, his co-worker, who reads this daily, yelled so I could hear that that should mean that she should have something really good to read today.  So this is my best attempt.  So for my wonderful, awesome, I’m so lucky to have him, bank teller husband and all his bank teller peeps.

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AND today is one of my dearest friends, Nicole’s, birthday and I am so happy that her mom got knocked up and then pushed her out 26 years ago.  She is one of my oldest friends and she is the kindest, most generous, funniest, smartest, most ethical person I know.  Whenever I have issues in my life, she is the person that I turn to for advice because not only can I trust what she will have to say (because we agree on almost everything) and that she will keep it private.  Except of course if it’s the secret that I’m pregnant, because then she will tell everyone!  And I’m so happy she did because now I can hang it over her head FOREVER!

The thing that most amazes me about Nicole is that she knows me so well.  She knows when I’m moody, when I need to alone, when I need to get drunk, when I’m silly, and every other thing I might be feeling.  When I was going through all the medical crap earlier this year and I literally didn’t think I was going to get through it.  I was so depressed I would sit down and it would literally take me 5-10 minutes to figure out how I was going to come up with the energy and the motivation to get out of the chair.  Nicole knew how hard it was without me even having to tell her and out of the blue she brought me a super sweet card, the book that I had been dying to read, and a Chicken Soup for the Soul book about facing challenges.  This made it easier to get through that day and the ones after that.

Nicole and I met in high school study hall.  We quickly realized we had 3 of the most important things in common.  We were both movie lovers, music lovers, and lovers of funniness.  We laughed all year long and swapped movies and CD’s and began a life long friendship.  From that year forward we did our best to arrange our schedules so we could have study hall together each year.

Nicole was the person we can all thank for my undying love of country music.  As I was playing some in the car last weekend when we went out with Ngor he says “you like cowboy music?  Cowboy music sucks…hee hee hee…just kidding.”

I really don’t think that I deserve the best of everyone.  I have the best husband, son, mother, sister, family, and friends.  Seriously, what is everyone else doing out there with the 2nd best?  I hope that I live in a way that deserves all my riches and I am half the wife, mother, daughter, sister, family, and friend that they are to me!

Love ya Nik, you’re stuck with me forever, you know that right?

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