Thank You, Computer Doctor Josh!

My computer was returned to me, in time to write about the celebration of Finn’s one month of being in the outside world. I really and truly missed my computer and from now on, I will sleep with it under my pillow, as to never lose it to malicious people again. Actually, besides my wonderful husband who actually did the fixing of the computer, it was because of the kindness of these people on the internet who told him exactly what to do to fix the problem. Following their specific directions, Josh was able to remove everything off my computer and install programs (FOR FREE, YEA!) so that this will never happen again! These wonderful people wrote back to Josh continuously and even on the weekends. This did not cost us anything and when we asked how we could show them our appreciation, they said just to pass their names along. So here they are: (I am not a geek also known as IANAG, If you ever have any computer problems or questions, they certainly come highly recommended from us!

Now I will try to quickly summarize the events that have kept me hopping since Thursday. Thursday my wonderful team threw a baby shower for me. These are the great educators that I get to work with each day that make my job so enjoyable (I teach for the wonderful kids I get to spend each day with and see how much they learn and grow in a short time, I continue to teach because of my wonderful team who supports my quest to educate these children). They are truly a gifted and dedicated team and remind me each day what kind of teacher I strive to be.

For my birthday, I had a wonderful lunch with mom and then went out for a wonderful dinner with my wonderful husband, Finn stayed with the wonderful Jo Jo (it was all quite wonderful, are you seeing a pattern?)!

Saturday we went to visit Josh’s Aunt Linda and Uncle David who recently moved back to the area and built a beautiful house. So we got the grand tour (a great house, a lot of thought obviously went into each detail, and a perfect size) and wonderful company for the afternoon. Then I got the teacher’s dream. Josh’s cousin, Sarah had contacted me saying she came into some teaching supplies and I was welcome to come over and rummage through them and take whatever my heart desired. What’s more, it was all free, and she acted as if I was doing her a favor by taking the things off her hands. I have to say, I completely underestimated the amount of stuff she actually had, so after I made quite the stack, Josh had to borrow his parents Jimmy to go back out there and load all of my treasures up. There was great stuff that I will put to good use next year, books and most of all wonderful storage and filing supplies (oh, how I love the organization)!!

Megan came down again, as we are trying to cram in as much Megan time as we possibly can before she takes off for sunny CA. We met her Saturday night as got together to celebrate my birthday with a couple of friends and I had yummy, yummy beer…oh how I missed you (it had been almost a year)! Yes, we had the baby in a bar, I know, I am a horrible mother, oh well, I will live with myself. I guess, it counts at least as a bar and grill because they do serve food as well, which we partook in.

Sunday we said goodbye to Megan and did some shopping and got a couple things done around the house. Monday Josh returned to work and I filled up my day doing…well, okay, I could not actually tell you what I did, because it seems that I did nothing, but it took the entire day and I was so busy doing this that I did not even get a chance to eat more than a granola bar until 4:30. I know Finn was quite fussy, you’d think he would have been happy, considering it was his one month birthday and all. I guess no one told him. At 3:30 we rushed to the Clinic (because we were running late from all the nothingness) and got his hearing checked. This was because they were unable to do it in the hospital when he was first born because apparently he was not fond of them shoving things into his ears that made loud beeps. But in the end, he has good hearing, which I knew because he gets startled from noises all the time, although it is good to have a test confirm it!

Today has been another day when I had grand plans to get so much done. At first I was going to run errands and be very productive, when at 1:30 after not being showered or anything, I decided my time would be better spent getting things done around the house. There is a never ending list of things to do around the house, and mainly I just spend my time trying to keep the house clean enough so that I don’t rip out my hair. I also wanted to get the nursery cleaned and organized, all the clothes that have been so graciously given to us have all been tossed in there until I can find the time to sort them according to his age. They are put into his room with the door shut so that I can have the illusion that my house is somewhat clean, again, to keep my hair. I wanted to get this done because it seems to be the natural time to transition Finn into his own room. Last night, going to sleep, it just felt that it was right.

However, it is now 4:3o and nothing has been done (maybe because I am writing instead of being productive) except a thorough cleaning of our bathroom floor. Now, you may ask, Kate, why did you scrub the bathroom floor? Was that your top priority? Why no, thanks for asking. Our toilet overflowed until there was about a half an inch of standing water on our bathroom floor and it went out into the hallway and soaked a good portion of the surrounding carpet. Oh the joys of owning a house! However, our bathroom floor has never been this clean, so I highly recommend it if you need to do some scrubbing on your kitchen floor.

So as I said, it is now 4:30, I have still not showered, have not completed any tasks on my to do list, but I sat down to write to keep myself sane. Also, to cheer myself up, I made another movie/picture thing, so enjoy! It starts out with our visit to Aunt Beth and Uncle David then goes to the baby shower my team threw for me (although we missed Rhonda, Melody, and Ceci), and ends with my birthday celebration in a bar with a couple of videos of Finn thrown in for the cuteness factor.

The last thing I have to say before I amaze myself by getting myself and Finn ready to walk out the door in record time to meet my husband at another bar to celebrate his boss getting engaged ~CONGRATULATIONS COREY~ (I see a pattern here, don’t write or call me about this, I don’t want to hear it, I love beer!) is that two events worth mentioning did happen today. For the first time ever (and second as well) Finn put himself to sleep, all by himself, with no help from me! YEA! This was a very good thing because the 2nd time was when I was cleaning up the bathroom. The other notable thing that happened today is that I chopped off the tip of Finn’s other thumb while clipping his nails. I clipped the first one a couple weeks ago when I first clipped his nails and I just thought the other one was feeling left out, so now he has 2 deformed thumbs, they go very nicely together! What is it about the thumbs that are so hard to clip? Well I’m off…

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