Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans…

We had a very busy but very great weekend (the highlight was that I got my wedding rings resized and now, after 7 very long months I can wear them again, YEA for the bling!), so instead of writing about it, I put it together in a video using 2 of my most favorite songs of the moment. There was just too many wonderful things that happened, I would not have time to write about them all AND my son just broke the record of the world for the most poop in a diaper, so I must go celebrate and clean it up (four walls and the ceiling, really, it’s amazing!)

The significant thing that happened this weekend is that Monkey spent the first night in his own room on Friday. Due to the change of environment he was up quite a bit that night and slept through most of Saturday, which has thrown off our schedule. I am hoping tonight he will sleep well and get back on schedule. I am telling you, when you have an infant, get them on a 2.5-3 hour feeding schedule and your life will be bliss. You will be happy and rested and so will they. It is a God send, I swear. Even with him out of sorts last night, he finally fell asleep around 1 AM and didn’t wake up until 4:30, we changed, fed, burped him, put him back to bed and he slept until 9:30 AM. Tell me what is better than that with an infant that is 5 weeks old?

We have also been doing small improvements around our house and just trying to get it back into some sort of order. I have been trying to keep up and get on top of the house work since Finn has been born, but it just keeps piling up, so this weekend and for the rest of the week we are making a concerted effort to get control back to our house. Our improvements have been very exciting things like getting up pictures of Finn in our living room (although now it looks like we are obsessed with our son, which is fair, I guess), Josh gave me shelves in our bathroom (so exciting), and we even got an ice tea maker (we have both really gotten into ice tea this summer and we are looking forward to all the delicious brews we can make)! We also found out that owning a home means that you have to do this thing called “up keep” (unless your last name is Guenther, then you just build a new house before you would have to do anything, we need to get into that kind of system;) so we put softness in our water and a filter in our furnace. We apparently were never put on the mailing list of homeowning for dummies. We need to get on that along with parenting for dummies.

The only bad thing about this weekend (besides Finn off his schedule and therefore a tad fussy) was that I am still in unbelievable pain. I can not believe how much pain I am still having after this long. It has never taken me this long to heal from anything (all of my other ailments have long since left me, thank goodness!), I am serious, it is ridiculous! I have my 6 week post partum appointment a week from tomorrow and I am still on narcotics and taking pain pills every 4 hours (I have been trying to stretch the prescription out as long as possible because I am literally terrified of being off them if I am in this much pain while I’m ON them!). I can’t believe I won’t be healed for my doctor appointment, which leads me to question…how do you ever have more than one kid?

The movie starts out with what I call Monkey Bean’s straight jacket. He was waking himself up by moving too much whilst asleep, so we got this swaddler that Velcros so he can’t muscle himself out of it. The first video is of him when we put him to sleep at night and the 2nd is of him in the morning after he has done his very best all night to get out of it.

There are also pictures and video of one of the most important little people in the world to me. His name is Ngor (pictured along with his younger brother Mabor) and he was my most challenging student my first year teaching and ended up being the most rewarding relationship I have cultivated with one of my past students. I will be posting more about him soon and asking for your help so I can better help him. In the first video of him while he is holding Finn he is explaining to me that Americans only ever have 2 children, to which I reply that Josh’s sister has 4 children, he asks me what country they are from (he is from Sudan).

The latter part of the video is our fun with the Hanke family later that day. Josh’s Aunt, Uncle, and cousin came to visit so Josh’s parents had a great get together at their house for all of us. Notice the video and picture of 4 generations of Hanke men and Finn’s first smile documented on film, thanks to daddy’s quick photography skills! There are 2 videos in here that you can notice how strong my little man is, holding his head up. For the record, he held his head up the very first day he was born, but now he can hold it up for a good while and it’s getting much steadier. It was a great weekend, hope yours was as well!

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