Showing daddy how it’s done.

Even before I was a week old, we went to visit daddy at work because he went back to work 3 days after I was born, even though we really missed him.

I have heard daddy talking about work almost every day.  I say to myself, what, it can’t be that hard.  I’m going to go in and show him how it’s done.  So mama brought me in today and I showed daddy what it really means to be a banker.

Step One: Look adorable, anyone will trust you with their money if you look as cute as me.

Step Two: Throw everything that’s on the counter on the floor.  Peoples don’t want all the distractability while they’re all busy banking.  And plus, throwing things on the floor, very fun game!

Step Three: Put as much money in your diaper as will fit (big bills, people, really big bills) and pretend that you just have a really full diaper.

Step Four: Smile with dimples, no one will suspect anything.

Step Five: Fly away.

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