Good news is walking down the street with bad news, and they are holding hands.

I want to kiss the good news and kick the bad news in the balls. I found out that I can use my hospital days, (20) as many as I want to at the beginning of the school year, which means I could be out until September 22nd if that’s how long I feel it takes for me to be at 100% (of course, I won’t). The bad news is that if I set foot into the building, I forfeit the right to use my hospital days and will have to use my sick days from then on. I think they were sitting around HR and thinking, this Kate Hanke, what would be the best way we could make her head explode? Oh, why yes, of course, ban her from setting up her classroom.

The other tricky thing with this is that I get the 20 hospital days for the entire school year. Which means when I go in for my surgery (whenever that is) the only days I will have are the ones that I didn’t use at the beginning of the school year. Unless they schedule my surgery coming up here pretty soon (which is what I have my fingers crossed for, then I can do all my healing at once). The doctors know that I will have to have my gal bladder removed which they say is a pretty easy surgery, as surgeries go. I will go home the same day, not even spending one night in the hospital. The other option is that they will want to remove the dead part of my pancreas, which is a much more invasive surgery. I won’t know which surgeries I will have to have until I get my next CT scan (sometime next week). Hopefully this scan will give me all the information that I will need.

So that means the responsibility of getting my classroom ready lays on the shoulders of Josh, my wonderful team that has already extended the offer of their helping hand, and my substitute. I guess this is a really good lesson for me in letting things go and finding out that the world won’t explode without me doing my job. My classroom and kids will be waiting for me when I get back, unharmed in any way.

Some more good news, I had my PICC line removed today which means at 12 tomorrow I will be stepping into the shower without a 20 minute production and help getting there and the same getting out. It also means I no longer have to give myself IV antibiotics (I ended up having to do it because Josh was at work), which is a huge relief because I was always convinced that I was going to kill myself.

I had an appointment with Infectious Diseases this morning and they say everything looks good and just told me what to keep an eye out for if I were to get any more infections with the dead part of my pancreas. I go to see my GI doctor tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I will get a lot more information then!

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