The hardest job on the planet.

I am lucky enough to celebrate 3 wonderful years of marriage with the most wonderful man on the planet. Why did I choose to get married (besides to snag the best one before someone else did?) They say that marriage is the hardest job and in all honesty, I feel that we have cheated at the job of marriage. Most days, for me, it hasn’t seemed like a job at all. In fact (shh…don’t tell) it’s just been fun and wonderful. It works on it’s own, without being examined or asking why. I am almost afraid, with how polar opposite we are, trying to figure out why our marriage works and explaining it would be like taking apart the rarest and most expensive watch to find out how it ticks and then being unable to put it back together. As long as it is working, I prefer to leave it alone, and just be grateful to have such a wonderful man be my partner.

Not to say that we have not had our bumpy or hard times in our relationship and our marriage. We surely have. But I believe by truly caring about the other person and always putting the other person first makes a huge difference. Being committed to each other even through the hard times, being committed to being committed for the long haul (there are no quitters here) we have worked through it.

Today we are celebrating (inside at least, there’s quite a party going on in my dreams) 3 years of marriage. Now I know that if this were a marathon, we have just barely started our journey (especially since my pancreas was really trying to bump me out of the race early now I am so totally determined to make is at least a double marathon). I couldn’t be happier with our choice to choose, every day, to work on this marriage, choose love, choose to be together, and everyday I feel blessed to be walking through this world with you. I love you.

So the hardest job on the planet…I guess I’ll believe it if they say that’s the truth. But this is what I know for sure, when I look at you I know there is no one on this planet that I would want to work as hard as we do to make this work.

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