To the man I love.

Happy Birthday Josh! I am so sorry that I am STILL sick and can’t celebrate the greatness of your birthday the way it deserves to be celebrated. You were born right around labor day and I think your parents only know the true labor of birthing and raising you, although I am sure Finn will give us the pay back. After listening to him rock his crib last night…yes, not even 11 weeks old and able to rock a huge crib, we know he’s a powerful little guy just like his daddy.

We have been through it this summer, certainly not what either one of us imagined. Sometimes it was better than we imagined, we both feel that way about Finn, and unfortunately, a lot worse than we imagined. You have been there every step of every ordeal I went through this summer, from a hard birth to all this sickness that still continues to go on with no known stopping date. You have always done more than I could have asked for and always with a smile on your face.

I know that I’m not much fun these days…how could I not be with a nose hose…that just spells PARTY! But I really appreciate you everyday and all that you do. As I said, we have been through it this summer, and we are still going strong. If we can get through this with an little Monkey trying to escape from his crib, I do believe that bodes well for the future. Although I am sure the future is cooking up all kinds of great and challenging things that we could never even imagine are coming, I know that we’ll be there to face them together. And I know with you next to me, we can do anything.

So happy birthday, as your Grandparents card said…I wish it were a national holiday so we could all have it off from work (like I’m working anyways…ha), but I also wish it were for what a great guy you are, always have been, and I know always will be. So I would like to say thank you to your parents for doing the labor of birthing and raising you so that I can enjoy you everyday.

Happy birthday, I love you! I hope you have a great day (despite me) and wonderful year with many more to come!

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