I’ll take a side order of skinny with that.

Well, I felt just horrible Saturday and after some investigation we figured out that, thanks to my favorite doctor (you should hear the sarcasm here), I was going through narcotics withdrawal. So, now on top of everything else, I am addicted to narcotics. Life is just beautiful sometimes, isn’t it?

My feeding tube clogged up again last night, so Josh and I spent the evening getting it unclogged and then I had severe pain again that came on from nowhere. I was very close to going back in to the ER, but thought I would tough it out and although my stomach is sore from all the pain, I feel better today.

On the a good note, the upside to pancreatitis (or at least mine) is the weight loss. Not that I will be back to the size 6 I was when I met Josh (ever again in my lifetime), I may begin to weigh less than 5,000 pounds! When I first told mom this she thought I was saying that this was a great diet plan. Um, no. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone and certainly would have done anything to avoid it (including happily keeping the weight, baby and all), since I have not been given a choice and am going through it, I might as well enjoy the side benefits!

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