As they say…third times the charm.

Well, I am home and well…well. At least as well as can be, weller (word??) than I have been in a VERY long time. The last 2 times I have gone to the ER in excruciating pain, this time I just couldn’t keep anything down. Let me back up.

On Monday we had our appointment with the surgeon (at 4…1.5 hours later he showed up). After reviewing my case (for the very first time, in front of us, which we thought was weird) said that he thought the best way to proceed was for me to have it done with an ERCP, where I don’t get cut or anything. I went home so discouraged, we had waited more than a week to meet with him and now we were just going to have to wait for another consult (probably another week or two) where at that point I would be given an appointment (maybe a week or two after that). So not only was the procedure that would get me to feeling better looking like it was in the far distance, I was also in a great deal of pain and having more nausea each day.

I got home and almost immediately threw up, this was a warning sign that my doctor had warned me about, so I called her. She said not worry unless it continued to happen. When I went to take my pills for the evening (remember the only time I got to drink ANYTHING was sips of water to get my pills down) I threw up before I could take all of them. I called the doctor back and she said I should be evaluated. So mom and I headed into the ER for the third time. This time, I wasn’t in pain (I was on really good narcotics) so we had to wait a couple of hours to be seen.

I was evaluated and we were frusterated with the lack of understanding of the situation by the doctors. No, I was not pregnant (cost of test each time I go in $35), no, I was not worried about a UTI, no, I did not need an IV (especially since I was more dehydrated than I was last time when it was impossible for them to get one in). At 2 in the morning it looked like we had wasted a trip, they weren’t being helpful and we seriously considered going home and getting what sleep we could for rest for the night. They said they wanted to perform another CT scan, which is really the only way to assess what is going on with my pancreas. Mom thought this wasn’t necessary, but I thought we had waited this long, I wanted to stay until the problem was resolved. I couldn’t go home without being able to take my pills (for health and sanity reasons…the pain would be unbearable).

That was when our luck seemed to turn around. The CT team asked if they could attempt to put in an IV to give me contrast which would in turn give them the best picture. I had finally given in to the doctors before we even went for the scan and told them they could try 2-3 times, but they decided (after reviewing my file, I guess) that they probably wouldn’t be successful anyways and it would just cause me pain. So I told the CT nurse she could have a couple of tries, but miracles do happen (even if they are small), and she didn’t need them, she got it on the very first try.

They admitted me and we got up to my room at 5. The doctor came in shortly and told us that the CT scan showed that my cyst had gotten larger and was now intruding on my stomach’s space, which is why I wasn’t able to keep anything down. The next morning when the doctors did their rounds they said that the best plan would be for me to get the ERCP where they would put a stint in my stomach to drain the cyst. This should greatly reduce my pain and allow me to eat and drink again.

So on Wednesday I got the procedure and everything went really well according to the doctors. It even looks like the duct in my pancreas (very important) is intact and should work normally. So I was able to drink on Wednesday night and I started slowly eating Thursday and Friday. So far, everything has gone along very smoothly. I have little to no pain and I am able to eat and drink! I have to be very careful about what I do eat and drink though, so it’s not as much fun as you’d imagine, although it is way more fun than eating through my nose hose! Saturday morning I was able to get up with Finn and take care of him and let Josh sleep in just a little bit (he’s so used to getting up early, he didn’t sleep much more) for the first time in almost 2 months.

I drastically cut down on my narcotics, in attempt to get off of them without such drastic withdrawal symptoms and the last time I took any was Friday night. I had some (not nearly as bad) symptoms last night and today as well as some pain this morning. I am hoping that I just pushed myself too hard yesterday and if I take it slower I will continue to feel good!

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