Dear Finn-Month 4

You are four months old (and a couple days, because mama’s late writing to you)! This month has been challenging for our family as I returned to work for part time and then full time. I have been so busy with work and exhausted from transitioning into working full time that this letter is a little late. It’s been very hard to spend very much time with you since I’ve returned to work full time because in the past 2 weeks when I’ve gotten home my body has been so exhausted that I can’t do anything except fall into bed. I can tell that I am getting stronger though, so I know I’m on the healing side of this.

You are growing like a weed. At your 3 month check-up you were a whopping 15 pounds, I would guess you are close to 20 pounds by now. It is the best thing and I feel so blessed that you are healthy, happy, and growing. You also have become so adapt at using your hands. You clutch them together and even find that you can interlock them. Most of the time you just wring them though.

Recently you have started drooling a lot and you have definitely figured out how to put your hands in your mouth and chew on them so daddy and I are on the look-out for those first teeth popping through!

You need an ever changing environment with new activities now, about every 15 minutes. If we don’t provide you with enough stimulus then you start crying, telling us that you are very BORED. Problem is that we don’t have enough different activities to keep you entertained when you want a new one so soon. The only thing that you’re interested in for longer is if we put you in the chair that helps you sit up and you like to watch us. It doesn’t matter if we are cleaning or cooking you are just content to watch us. You have always been so interested in just watching the world go by. And then you are telling us you’re bored again by wailing and daddy and I try to find something else that will entertain you because we hate to hear you cry.

You are smiling so much more now and you definitely recognize daddy and I now. When we see you, you light up with a huge smile. Your smile and laugh are the best parts of my day. We love to hear you laughing over silly things. Your laugh is my favorite sound in the world. The first thing you laughed at was when you were at Jo Jo’s and she shook a bottle of pills. Right now you laugh over auditory things (like silly noises) verses visual things (like silly faces). It makes my day when you laugh and smile. I can’t wait to see how things progress and what you’ll find funny next.


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