I can’t take anymore.

You know the straw that broke the camels back?  Well that straw landed on my back awhile ago.  I woke up earlier this week and realized in 10 months:

I had a baby

I almost died

I was incapacitated for 5-6 months

I had surgery

I battled and won an addiction to narcotics

I dealt with a whole bunch of family crap

I was laid off

The only huge life altering, all time stresses that are left are a parent (which for me would be equivalent to my mom or sister) dying or getting divorced.  If one of those things happen, I swear I’m going to be catatonic.  I’m just hanging on by a thread right now, if anything else happens I may take up residence in the mental hospital.  Someday it will be all be clear why I had to endure this, right…RIGHT?


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2 Responses to I can’t take anymore.

  1. Fe says:

    Wow. (((((((((( hug )))))))))))). You are amazing. And you will hopefully never know why you had to endure all of this. Except to realise how truly strong and incredible you really are. And to inspire others who are going through similar journeys.

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