Ready for my CAT scan.

As you are reading this I am at the Clinic getting an IV (hopefully they get it on the first try), drinking 32 ounces of the most disgusting liquid ever invented (they tell you to drink until you are just about to throw up, you don’t want to negate all the hard work you put into getting the first part down), and getting a CT scan for the pain I was having.  I don’t have any doubt that they won’t see anything.  I also have no doubt that there is something wrong with me because it’s not normal to have this kind of pain for no reason.  The last time they failed to correctly diagnose my pain, I almost died, so let’s hope that it’s not that serious this time when they can’t figure out what the hell is wrong with me.  Yes, I know I’m being dramatic, I feel that I’ve earned the right.


When I called for my appointment the secretary asked me if I wanted her to go over the directions with me.  I said I’ve had about 42 in the past year, so I think I’m set.  When getting a CAT scan you receive about the same radiation as the amount of radation a normal person encounters in a year.  Since I was getting one on a weekly basis, I should be due for cancer any day now.

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