Going to get my toofers fixed.

Now I am off to get my cavities filled AND I’m being really brave and going by myself.  Round of applause for me.  After my CT scan I met with my doctor and she told me (as I knew she would) that everything looked fine with my pancreas.  She said when she was going over it with her colleague they still can’t believe how lucky I am.  Even after the trauma that my body went through, my pancreas looks pretty darn good.  Right away after my pancreatitis, they couldn’t believe how good I was doing and looking after looking at my CT scans.  My body has always done good by me, and for that I’m grateful.  My doctor came up with some other things that could be wrong with me and I told her I really didn’t need MORE things I worried about.  I told her what I was just worried that it was something that if it wasn’t addressed (like the last time) that it would put me back in the hospital.  She assured me that it wasn’t anything that would land me back in the hospital and that it wasn’t anything to do with my pancreas.  We are going to do the famous wait and see thing.  After my cavities are taken care of, I should be as good as new.  Here’s hoping at least!!

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  1. Reshmi says:

    Wishing you good health!!

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