I’m so excited…I just can’t hide it.

I am so excited because my Aunt Jessica is coming home on Wednesday and is going to be here all the way until Sunday. I can’t wait to show her all the new things that I have learned since I last saw her last. Mama keeps saying that she isn’t going to recognize me because I’ve grown so much. She’ll insist that I am not her nephew…she’ll think maybe I am the little boy that ate her nephew. Mama says that I don’t even look like what I did when I was born. What a silly Mama, does she think she looks the same as when she was born? I think Aunt Jessica is smart enough to realize when there is only one baby boy around that it is probably her nephew! I mean she graduated from Wellsley and all, didn’t she?

Daddy and Mama also fed me cereal for the first time yesterday. I don’t know what that’s all about. I think I like it better when I don’t have to work so hard for my food. I like it better when I can just drink my nutrition.

On Saturday we went over to Aunt Jen and Uncle Adam’s house and we got to spend some time with David and Beth and the cousins. It was lots of fun and most everyone (except me) played the Wii from baseball to cow racing.

I guess the biggest thing to report on is how Mama is doing. She says she’s sick and tired of being sick and tired but getting back to normal is also very overwhelming. She went in on Monday and had her stints removed (we were all surprised that it was more than one) and then on Tuesday when she met with her surgeon he said that he could remove her gall bladder the next day. Well Mama has been saying since this whole thing happened that she wants her gall bladder out because she doesn’t want it to happen again. The surgeon explained all the risks and some that were more likely for Mama because of the past complications.

Mama went right to school to get ready to be gone for longer and sooner than she had planned and she said she sure was lucky because even though she was there until almost six Melody (another 2nd grade teacher otherwise known as Mama’s life saver) came in and helped focus her and get her ready to be gone. After getting everything in order at school she came home to pack and by the time she went to bed that night she was set to have one less organ in less than 24 hours.

She had to get up extra early because they told her to come in at 5:45. I was up early that morning too so she got to feed me and spend a little time with me before she had to leave. She said when she got there, there was a super long line and she had to wait almost an hour before she got up to a room where they actually starting checking her in. When she was waiting with Jo Jo she saw a lot of other people that were scheduled for surgery that day. There was a woman there who obviously was suffering from cancer and Mama remembered to be thankful that we weren’t battling that in our family. As bad as pancreatitis was and all the things that came because of it, it is nothing like what some people endure for years. This woman with cancer was really friendly and it reminded Mama of what she should be acting like.

The surgery went really well and even though I couldn’t be there Jo Jo and Daddy were by her side soon after she came out of surgery (although she slept through much of the day). The surgeon said that he was very pleased with how everything went because of the prior complications. He was very worried that they would have to take it out the old fashioned way because on the CT scans it looked like it was attached to something else. But it came out with no problem and Mama was left with 4 small incisions (2 that are1/2 and inch and 2 that are1/4 of an inch). Mama was also given her gall stones and will proudly show them to anyone who asks (I think she’s planning on carrying them in her purse as a badge of honor). There is about 20-30 of them and they are very small (about the size of the head of a pin). But the doctor said that these are actually the most dangerous because the big ones don’t go wandering around where they don’t belong and that Mama was very lucky that she didn’t have another attack of pancreatitis (to which she responded-uh yes, that is what I have been trying to tell YOU-but just in her head).

When Mama woke up she realized surgery is no joke. She was only focused on getting her gall bladder out of her body, not how it would feel after the fact. It hurt after the fact, that’s what. Mama immediately thought about how she had begged the doctors for a c-section and how glad she was that they didn’t do that. With itty bitty incisions hurting so much, she couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to have a much bigger incision. Mama had to stay overnight for one night in the hospital, but everything was good and she was cleared to come home. We were happy to have her back and we all hoped that was her last trip to the hospital until my sibling comes into the world. I have been trying to show Mama and Daddy what a good baby I am so they will give me someone to play and fight with. I don’t think that I’ve convinced them yet, but really it’s just a matter of time.

Since Mama has been home she has not been feeling like herself and the pain pills she’s on are really doing a number on her head. She says that she is really looking forward to when she gets off pain pills all together. Since she got off them last time carefully because of the addiction, she knows she can do the same thing again. She thinks it’s high time she gets off narcotics since she’s been on them since I’ve been born! Her incisions are getting better each day and really only hurt badly when she gets up from sitting or especially laying down. She is working on getting her strength back so she can lift me again (right now her limit is 15 pounds…didn’t they know she had a big boy back home that she needed to take care of?). She also found out that the doctor wouldn’t release her to work until December 4th and she was planning on returning to work on the 1st. She says that she is going to use this time wisely to get things done around the house and to get ready for my first Christmas!

Mama put together this video. She said I should put it up here. We hope that you enjoy it!


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