I sleep with a snorer.

That’s not completely true. Most of the time, Josh does not snore, which is a very good thing because I am the lightest sleeper that I know.

When Josh gets stuffed up, however, all bets are off. He has been snoring the sleep out of the night for me for the past week. Josh is very amusing to me when he sleeps because sometimes he wakes up from such a vivid dream where he believes the dream is still taking place. I have been accused of having knives for fingernails and stabbing him while he was sleeping, I have been woken up while Josh is trying to put out the fire on the foot of our bed.

All in all, we are very compatible sleepers. However, for the past week I have been very seriously considering going and sleeping in the guest room because Josh is snoring so loudly that he is waking himself up!

And now I might be stabbed in my sleep because I told this story. If they find my body…you’ll know who did it!

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