Dear Finn-Month 11

I think you must have a deal with the tooth fairy or something because, I swear, overnight 2 extra teeth popped out on top.  You are now a 6 toothed kid and I am sure it is just a matter of moments before you have a full set of chompers.  All the better to bite you with, mama.  I am sure this is what you are thinking.  You made a deal with the tooth fairy so you’d have extra teeth to put under your pillow for the tooth fairy and sooner, didn’t you?  Well don’t you think that I don’t have my own deal with the tooth fairy, you get one penny for each tooth (unless it’s gold, in that case you will receive 25 cents)!

You are crawling everywhere so quickly now, we can barely keep up with you.  You always head toward the most dangerous things (like the stairs, which you seem to think would be fun to throw yourself down) and we do our very best to keep that from happening.  However when we do save you from these tragedies you’d think that you would thank us, but no, you are very unhappy because don’t we understand all the fun it would have been to dive head first down stairs?  Like Will Smith said so many years ago “parents just don’t understand.”  I don’t recall seeing another child crawl as quickly as you are able to.  If there were crawling Olympics I’m almost sure that you would win the gold.

This means that there are endless things that you can and want to explore (although most of them are things that mama and daddy won’t let you have) you get so upset when we want to put you in clothes for the day or *GASP* change your diaper.  You lay there and tell us exactly how you feel that we are pinning you down as you are missing out on all the exploring and mischief making.  You are convinced that it won’t be there in 20 seconds when we are finished.  I guess on the positive side, you are learning how to throw an excellent temper tantrum.  I want you to come by that honestly.  I mean, I don’t want to be in the grocery store when you lay down and throw your very first public temper tantrum because I won’t buy you a candy bar and have it be half assed.  If you are going to embarrass me in that way, then you better be giving it your all!  I have to tell you though, not so much fun to try to hold you down, clean you up, put your diaper and clothes on as you are fighting against me with all your strength and complaining very loudly.

I guess you are so good at crawling that you have little to no interest in walking.  Daddy and I try to walk with you, but you just sit down and zoom off on your hands and knees.  Although, I bet by your first birthday you will be walking (and probably running) everywhere.  You do enjoy pulling yourself up on things, especially when it means that you can get to even more things that you are not supposed to.

This month I have seen your “I know I’m in trouble eyes.”  When daddy and I tell you not to do something and you do it anyway, you peer up from underneath your eyelashes and look back and forth from us as if to say “okay, I did it, now what?”  I recognize these eyes because I see them everyday in my classroom, but I really didn’t think that I would see them from you at such a young age.  You usually follow up with a big toothy grin and that usually gets you out of whatever trouble you were about to be in because how could we be upset with that face?

When you get home from daycare you are usually in not the best of moods and you complain until you go to bed.  I think it is because of a lot of factors but mainly because there is so much that you are able to do now and so little that we are able to let you do.  So mainly we follow you around stopping you from whatever you were about to do.  You love the computer but you hate when the computer is open, so you always come over and try and shut it.  If that is not successful you pull on the cords.

You also have become a big fan of putting things in your mouth.  When I wash your hands and go back to rinse out the clothe, you stick your soapy hands into your mouth.  The other night when I was putting lotion on you, you started licking the lotion off your skin.  I guess these are such yummy things that the rest of us just don’t know to enjoy.  I have also started vacuuming much more often because we’ll find you chomping away at something, drool flowing out of your mouth, and when we take the risk of sticking our finger in to distract whatever it is that you have found on the floor you start wailing like we are trying to pull out one of your teeth, without Novocaine.  When we do get the foreign object out it’s usually a piece of wood (and then daddy and I look at each other and ask where you have managed to find wood) or a piece of plastic (again, same question).  You are very unhappy when we take these away from you, again it must be pleasures that the rest of us are not aware of.

You do love sharing food now, you are interested in anything and everything daddy and I are (trying) to eat.  I think this is great because I am looking forward to getting you away from baby food and onto people food.  You had little bits of a chocolate cookie I was eating this weekend and there is no doubt what your favorite food is.  Anything with sugar and/or chocolate.  You also had your first pancakes this month, I think you would happily eat those every morning if you could!

You also have started enjoying playing games and you find so many things funny.  You are also at an age where we can start to teach you things and I have taught you how to give knuckles (although you won’t do it under pressure).  We are still working on waving “bye, bye” and blowing kisses.  It is so much fun to see you grow in this new and great way.  You also have learned to share and even more funny is you like to pretend to share.  You’ll hold out your hand full of slobbery graham cracker and when I reach out my hand, you shove it in your mouth and laugh like crazy.  I believe you got the prankster blood from me, thank you very much!  When you think things are really funny, your dimples come out, and that’s the best!

You have also become a huge snugglesaurous which surprises me because you always want to be on the go.  But when you are tired of crawling all over the house, you come up to daddy or I and try and climb up on our laps.  You just want a good cuddle before bedtime and that is my favorite part of the day.  I hope you are always in need of a cuddle or at least a good hug before bedtime.



Finn-11 months from Kate Hanke on Vimeo.

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  1. Aunt Jessica says:

    OMIGOD! He’s reading! … I’m totally showing that footage to my kids…

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