Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Another Christmas now has passed and I have to say, one that I thoroughly enjoyed and I have to admit, one that I’m sorry to say goodbye to. It has become crystal clear to me what things are actually important in ones life. We are so blessed to have health for our family (finally) and each other, not to mention the best family and friends we could ask for. I am reminded what simple joys are in life as I was able to spend Christmas Eve with our nieces and nephews and hear them sing Christmas carols and as sweet Carrie opened up a black shirt from her grandparents and was jumping up and down clapping her hands and not able to contain her “I’m so excited, I’m SO excited, I’m SO EXCITED, I’M SO EXCITED!!!!” Now it has been a long time (or never) that I was that excited about recieving a black shirt but one thing that I am now certain of is what the most important thing is not only at Christmas, but really all through the year and that is the Wii. Now that I have discovered the secret to life I can happily say…

and to all a goodnight.

Enjoy the picture show of our wonderful Christmas and we are hoping that you had as great of one as we did!

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