This here, it’s my new year’s resolution.

I know, I know! You are shaking your head and thinking to yourself…does Kate not know that it is not yet 2009? That doesn’t happen for another 6 days. No I am not crazy but I am in on the secret that New Year’s Eve is the worst holiday ever because I always have these great plans and think that I am going to have such fun and when it actually rolls around it is a major disappointment. I can’t remember a New Year’s that I thoroughly enjoyed. The worst is when we were up in the cities bar hopping and it was so packed that I was seriously considering trying to plaster myself to the ceiling so that I could have some personal space. So instead of staying over at a hotel as we had planned we decided to salvage what was left of the night and split. As we were driving home I realized that I really overdid the drinking that night and I decided to empty my stomach so that I would feel better and attempt to not be the walking dead the next day (okay it was not so much of a choice to do this as a need so strong that I was lucky I positioned a plastic bag just in time). There were 3 other people in the car and even though I was admittedly not having a jolly good time on the way home, I couldn’t imagine a worse way to spend more than an hour trapped in a car with…well…with me! We celebrated New Years that year by me puking my guts out in the car while the others enjoyed the entertainment.

I digress. So instead of making plans and being disappointed we have decided to plan on a low key affair, just staying home and chillaxing. So I have had extra time to think about my resolution instead of making plans and after thoughtful consideration I have decided that my resolution for 2009 is to be adopted by the Guenthers. This is the family that all other families aspire to be. They have four children that are the most well behaved, sweet, good natured, kind, (and the list goes on and on) and have the most hectic schedule that makes my head spin just thinking about it. Yet they all seem calm and collected and are always great fun to be around. Besides all this, they keep their beatiful house clean (which I can’t even manage to do with one little one) laundry done (ditto) and everything else that goes on due to being an adult. When you walk into their house it just oozes relaxation, like a little magic bubble that you want to inhabit forever more and never leave that sanctuary. So this year my resolution is to be adopted by the Guenthers…wish me luck!

P.S. We will just be thrilled if Finn is half as well behaved as the Guenther kids, I suppose I should get to broom out of the closet to whip the boy into shape. This will build character for him and also teach him right from wrong.

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